Join us for an opportunity to grow yourself and your business!

Our Workshops take place throughout the year in various locations around the Triad.  We offer topics that benefit business owners and their employees.

Scroll down to learn about our upcoming workshop “Driving Restaurant and Retail Success: Strategies for Profitability and Efficiency” or check our calendar of events so you can reserve your spot for our next workshop!

Let’s Have a Workshop!

Take your morning or afternoon to a whole new level by joining one of our workshop events.  Meet with other members of TLF, while developing a new set of skills or learning new strategies to grow your business.

SPEAKER-LED SESSIONS range anywhere from “how to’s”, to financial strategy, management lessons, insurance information, handling a pandemic in the workplace, setting up shop, social media advice and so much more.

A VARIETY OF MEMBERS from our Triad community will offer valuable insight into their knowledge to help you gain your footing in areas that often present roadblocks to a successful business.