Interested in joining the buy-local cause and Triad Local First?

Fantastic! But before we can start the introductions and high-fiving, there are just a few criteria on our list.

Please take a few minutes to make sure your business meets all of the criteria below. Franchises or MLMs do not meet the requirements for membership, but are welcome to Support Local as a Community Member.

  1. Is your business privately held (not publicly traded)?
  2. Do your business owners, totaling greater than 50 percent of the business ownership, live in the Triad region?
  3. Is your business registered in North Carolina, with no corporate or national headquarters outside of the Triad region?
  4. Can your business make independent decisions regarding the name and look of the business, as well as all business purchasing, practices, and distribution?
  5. Does your business pay all its own rent, marketing expenses, and other expenses (without assistance from a corporate headquarters)?

If you can answer yes to all of these, we can’t wait to welcome you as a member of Triad Local First!

In addition, we invite businesses of all sizes and status to join the ranks of our prestigious and growing membership.

There is no limit or minimum on the number of employees that your business employs, and we welcome online businesses or startups with no physical location.

We are proud to work with businesses as small as 1 employee and with no storefront or physical location and as large as 400 employees.

Membership Levels and Member Benefits

Triad Local First Membership Application